What is Happiness #3

How many times do we have to see the “high and mighty” fall to realize that happiness is NOT found in power? Power over others breeds arrogance as we currently see in America’s government. How many times do we have to see the “wealthy” fall to realize that happiness is NOT found in riches and having “things”? So, the question comes around again…what is happiness?

I believe that happiness is found in “restoration”.

In some small way, you know this is true. How do you feel after completing your spring cleaning? How do you feel after reorganizing your mess…be it a messy garage, a messy closet, or a messy life? Restoration, to restore…to restore life and vitality, like when you were a young kid with no worries. Jesus says to come to Him as these little children…what does that mean? Jesus tells us not to worry…what does that mean? It means what it says! But Haven, you don’t understand the problems in my life! You don’t understand my loss, my pain! Well…maybe I don’t know the details in your life nor feel the pain directly, but there is not one person on this planet that doesn’t have problems and pain. It is the promise of being in a fallen world. SO…

So, we need to turn to Jesus who loves us and will interceed for us. This is the first step in restoration…to restore oneself to be a new creation in Christ. I invite you to open up the 17th chapter in the book of John in your Bible. You will find 3 prayers by Jesus. The third prayer is about YOU if you are a Child of God, and if you are not yet, why not read the text anyway and let it “cook” within you. To become a new creation, as a plant, you must first plant a seed. The “seed” is the Word of God found in the Bible. Don’t try for a Saul/Paul conversion, simply plant a seed and tenderly nurture it, water it, and it will grow. Before long, you will see true restoration.

You have already been redeemed (the price of your salvation has been paid), now you must open that door and let Christ into your life to restore you anew…this is salvation from sinner to saint. Now, THAT is true happiness!

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