Oh Yes…it is Good Friday..do you know the cost of your gift?

Each and everyone of us has been given a gift we cannot buy, a gift we have not earned, but it is extended to us. Not all will claim such a precious gift however. This gift was bought at a great cost, for the preexistent Creator of the Universe, Elohim, now separated from original oneness with God, now incarnate Man who was without sin and knew no sin, took on the sins of the world that who ever would believe in Him would inherit eternal life in His Glory. It has all been setup for you, established long ago and confirmed by eyewitnesses, but a majority will not claim the gift.

Many people will go through life saying I know Jesus and I know what He did for me, but they never change to be a new creation by being convicted by the realization of it all. It is not enough to just know Jesus, the demons do that much. For one day Jesus just might say “I don’t know you”. No…you must be convicted inside, in your heart [your inner core], repent and change so that the old has gone away and the new has come. The realization and reception of the gift will change you. If there is no change then maybe you haven’t really grasped the magnitude of it all; there is still time.

Reflect on this Good Friday night what the actual cost was for Jesus the Christ, get on your knees and say: “Forgive me Lord for I am a poor sinner and I want to grow in the faith to become a Child of God; please take me into Your arms and teach me how to love You and show me a glimpse of Your Kingdom, for I dedicate my life anew to You. Amen”

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