Everyone has Faith…but in whom?

People of faith”, almost always used to refer to those people believing in some organized religion, but it also takes faith to not believe in God, so we are all “people of faith”. It is simply a matter of what or to whom you chose to place your faith. Atheists will often ridicule the Christian for believing in an “unseen and unproven” God. I say it takes faith to believe that there is no God. I see the proof that God exists everyday! Oh, you misguided atheists, how blind you must be!

Recently, we have seen many actions throughout America where Christianity is under a vicious attack by the atheist mob. Why? If they are so set on their belief system…that there is no God…then why not just be quiet and let us all fall into oblivion? My retort might be to the athist: What makes you think you are right, you can’t see that there is not a God. Are you so arrogant that you wish to force everybody to adjust to your “belief system”? Answer to my question is: yes! Just look how such a small minority, empowered by the evil fuel of “political correctness, has so drastically changed America. 

This post is actually not against the atheists, they have every right to believe the way they want to; they can collect together, have meetings, parties, whatever. My struggle is: Why do they argue their point of view with such aggression and hostility? Why should they want to court people to join their little band of believers? Are they fund raising for their political machine? What do they expect to gain? If Christians are wrong, why not just leave them alone to die in their false beliefs? If the atheists, in their goodness, wish to “save the Christians” from their lies, what do the atheists offer in return?

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