Understanding Newtown, Connecticut…don’t blame God

Often with these senseless tragedies, people will ask why did God let this happen, or worse…why did God do this? God is not the author of hate, evil, sadness and the tragic death of children. God loves, but there is evil in the world, uncreated by God. Mankind messed up God plan by following fallen angels rather than God. Today, we seem to kick out God and desire to follow the god of the culture. It will always fail. The hate and destruction this one boy dumped on 26 sets of loving families, on a town, and on a nation was not created by God. Though sought out, there is no closure of a loss such as this. Yes, this was already a gun-free zone, yes the school had just upgraded their security, yes there was already a ban on so-called assault weapons; the only thing that will work to save our children, our loved ones, our nation is to turn back to God and learn how to love one another…again.

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