Newtown, Connecticut’s Bad Tree

The book, “A Different Kind of Tree”, is about growth, where you find nourishment, and what kind of fruit you bear. The destroyer of Newtown, Connecticut’s innocent was “a tree” with roots deep into rocky desert ground. Ground that will generally only form dry twisted dead trees. No one can kill 20  six to seven year old children without being completely dead inside. All the so-called experts will be giving us all the societal reasons for this mental illness, but I contend an evil “tree” as this boy, was grown. Grown in a land that has rejected Jesus Christ, a land that is selfish and unloving, a land of relativity where no absolutes exist…no right and no wrong. We have created a dry “land”, devoid of the nourishment of civility, of humility, of decency, of sensitivity, and of consideration of others. We now experience the most ugly vile words normalized in our everyday speech. Ugly words, ugly dress, ugly music, ugly video games, ugly thought…they all add up to ugly actions. It all adds up to a haze of disbelief of what life is, and an awful “reverse arrogance”…the evil in Newtown probably thought that no one loved him, no one understood him, nobody cared for him, and that the whole world was against him. We have seen these tragic events before. There is only one way out…better nourishment can be found…instead of kicking Jesus Christ out of our culture, we need to turn back toward Him. Then and only then will we learn how to properly love others again.

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