Mystery is Good

Most people want to understand and be fully informed on all topics. It is good to be detailed and be sure of things that involve your life, but do you really want a God that can be fully understood? Wouldn’t that be the same as putting God in a box; that is, putting limits on God? Could a God that is limited to your limited understanding actually become your Savior & conquerer over the evils of Satan and over your moral & tragic sins? No! God is much greater than your understanding or even your imagination! So, why are there people who think they have “the God thing” all figured out? Haven’t you run across people who believe they have the answer to all the major issues surrounding God?

The Apostle Paul himself said that he knew in part, but one day he would fully know about God when he would come into His Glory. If it is okay for Paul to keep some things a mystery, then why is it not okay for you and me? Mystery is good; it shows that God is much bigger, much more grand & powerful than we could ever imagine. You’ve got to love a God like that!

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