Look through new eyes!

We maybe getting older, no secret there and yes, it is part of life, but there is a blessing! Much more richness is revealed the less reckless you are (young people are always reckless) and the slower you live your life the more richness is revealed. Take the time to look around you. Don’t follow the group-think, chart your path and what ever you do, don’t follow the culture. I guess you could look traditionaly at life as being the cliche of a voyage, but even that is somewhat boring or maybe it is just an over-used metaphor. I would rather think of life as the turning over of a stone. Did you ever do that as a kid, turning over a stone just to see what insects were under it? What simple discovery was there! It probably was a boy thing…oh well. But I am reminded of a quote by Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking of new landscapes, but in searching for new eyes.” No matter your age “number”, real age lies in your attitude. Never stop your thrill of discovery! No matter how small, you might just see a blessing in the eyes and smile of a grandson. Here’s to new eyes to see newly (is that a word? I was always poor in English Class). Image

Blessings you guys!

Won’t you take the road less traveled?

See what exciting things are revealed on that road!

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