How strong is your faith?

ImageAt a time like this…the time of senseless killings of the innocent, some will question where is God in this? If God is real and God loves us (like we Christians will say) then why did 12 people die and roughly 60 get shot while watching a movie? Why are those families grieving today? We always want to know “why”. Friends, there is no “why” answer. We exist in a fallen world where sin reigns. Don’t be blaming anything but evil itself. The more you wrongly blame God for the events in the world, rather than turn toward Him in these sad times, the more Satan wins the round (not the fight, but the round). Consider the woman bleeding for 12 years as told in Luke 8:43–48; Matthew 9:20–22; and Mark 5:25–34 . Jesus was in a crowd; everyone pushing in on Him, hard to walk, lotsof noise & distractions…it was a mob. The woman thought, if only I could but touch His clothing (not HIm, but only His garments) I would be (not could be) I would be healed! Jesus stopped, noting that power had gone out of Him as if it were uncontrollable; in the face of a crowd pressing in on Him, He searched for the person who had touched His clothing! A person made well by her faith in Christ. What could we all do with such a faith? What could you do? How much better could you cope with life’s great burdens? Friends, you too would be made well…and the long-term “bleeding away” of your spirit would stop! Pray for comfort for all of those suffering. Pray they reach out, not to stike back in hate, but to touch the hem of the garment of Christ, the only One that can bring everlasting peace, a peace you can have today, for He is the Prince of Peace!

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