Celebrate Uncertainty? You’re Crazy!

Today’s culture celebrates uncertainty; it’s true. If you are firm in your belief, you are condemned to be short-sighted or closed-minded, a person NOT open to new ideas. You are not an intellect…why should we even listen to you?

Syncretism is killing our culture, our families, our churches, our souls! We are a world of lost souls wandering aimlessly through the desert of life, always searching, and passing right over life-giving water by eyes that don’t see! We need to bring Jesus Christ back into our lives, our work, our families, our relationships, our government, and yes, even back into our churches! It is unsustainable for everyone to wander about aimlessly searching for “their own way, their own meaning in lfe, what their idea of truth”. It is the turf of Satan! The breeding ground for invention. The more you divert and invent, the farther you will be away from Jesus! Get back to Bible study; it is your only foundation. It is ONLY by Jesus Christ who is our way, our truth, and our life, that we can be saved! It is ONLY Jesus that sustains us, for He is the Bread of Life and brings us “life-giving water”. I beg you, turn away from the crowds on that wide road to destruction and set your eyes upon Jesus and look upon His wonderful face; only here will you find peace, meaning, love and truth! Amen! 

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