What we need is a new way of seeing our world!

Have you becomed bored in the “Grand Debate”, generation after generation, between Creation and Evolution? Are you tired of hearing about all “this and that”…the whole thing becoming so very muddy…that you just don’t know which side is right? I don’t blame you, however, if you have become tired of the whole thing, then you are like an Ostrich with your head in the sand, and that can hurt you. I believe that both sides have fueled the apathy in the matter and that adds to your fall. Your fall, yes your fall, into “relativism” where our world has gone. It can be an eternal fall, but there is hope to avoid this.

This “Grand Debate” war has been raging for so long, that each side in the debate has been able to retreat, regroup, and invent new terminology several times; so in turn to drop the next bomb on the other side. The result of this nonsense is to completely muddy the water, build defensive walls so people stop listening, and keep the un-intellectual, unable to learn and or understand, completely in the dark. Unloving activity in turn sponds apathy, unbelief, and a complete diversion from actually “seeing” who God really is.

The book “I Am, the Great Creator God” breaks through the dense fog on both sides of the arguement and teachs you how to see and understand who God really is. Scholarly researched, written in “normal everyday” language, orthodox and soldily supported, the book will cut through all the retoric and present a clear solid position you can stand on. Why not at least check it out by looking at the free downloadable brochure, Table of Contents and Introduction found at Muskrat Books…just a little Google away. Blessings, hold your head up for God loves you!

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